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      1. 歡迎光臨云南秦學教育官網~
        英語 來源:網絡 編輯:桃子 2020-04-20 16:28:29



          1. welcome to sp 歡迎到某地

          Eg. Welcome to China.

          2. What's the matter with sb. / sth? 出什么毛病了?

          Eg. What's the matter with your watch?

          3. be different from 與......不同

          Eg. The weather in Beijing is different from that of Nanjing.

          4. be the same as 與……相同

          Eg. His trousers are the same as mine.

          5. be friendly to sb. 對某人友好

          Eg. Mr. Wang is very friendly to us.

          6. want to do sth. 想做某事

          Eg. I want to go to school.

          7. want sb. to do sth. 想讓某人做某事

          Eg. I want my son to go to school.

          8. what to do 做什么

          Eg. We don't know what to do next.

          9. let sb. do sth. 讓某人做某事

          Eg. Let him enter the room.

          10. let sb. not do sth. 讓某人不做某人

          Eg. Let him not stand in the rain.

          11. why don't you do sth?怎么不做某事呢?

          Eg. Why don't you play football with us?

          12. why not do sth.? 怎么不做某事呢?

          Eg. Why not play football with us?

          13. make sb. sth. 為某人制造某物

          Eg. My father made me a kite.

          14. make sth for sb. 為某人制造某物

          Eg. My father made a kite for me.

          15. What …mean by …? 做……是什么意思?

          Eg. What do you mean by doing that?

          16. like doing sth. 喜歡做某事

          Eg. Jim likes swimming.

          17. like to do sth. 喜歡做某事

          Eg. He doesn't like to swim now.

          18. feel like doing sth. 想做某事

          Eg. I feel like eating bananas.

          19. would like to do sth. 愿意做某事

          Eg. Would you like to go rowing with me?

          20. would like sb. to do sth. 愿意某人做某事

          Eg. I’d like you to stay with me tonight.

          21. make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

          Eg. His brother often makes him stay in the sun.

          22. let sb. do sth. 讓某人做某事

          Eg. Let me sing a song for you.

          23. have sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

          Eg. You shouldn't have the students work so hard.

          24. be far from sp 離某地遠

          Eg. His school is far from his home.

          25. be near to sp 離某地近

          Eg. The hospital is near to the post office.

          26. be good at sth. / doing sth. 擅長某事/做某事

          Eg.They are good at boating.

          27. It takes sb. some time to do sth. 某人花多少時間做某事

          Eg. It took me more than a year to learn to draw a beautiful horse in five minutes.

          28. sb. spends some time / money (in) doing sth. 某人花多少時間做某事

          Eg. I spent twenty years in writing the novel.

          29. sb. spends some time / money on sth. 某事花了某人多少時間/金錢

          Eg. Jim spent 1000 yuan on the bike.

          30. sth. costs sb. some money. 某物花了某人多少錢

          Eg. The bike cost Jim 1000 yuan.

          31. sb. pays some money for sth. 某人為某物付了多少錢

          Eg. Jim paid 1000 yuan for the bike.

          32. begin / start with sth. 開始做某事

          Eg. The started the meeting with a song.

          33. be going to do sth. 打算做某事

          Eg. We are going to study in Japan.

          34. call A B 叫 A B

          Eg. They called the village Gumtree.

          35. thank sb. for sth./doing sth. 感謝某人做某事

          Eg. Thank you for your help.

          36. What ……for? 為什么

          Eg. What do you learn English for?

          37. How/ what about doing sth.?做某事怎么樣?

          Eg. How about going fishing?

          38. Sb +be+ the+較高級+of/in短語

          Eg. Lucy is the tallest in her class.

          39. Sb + be +比較級+than any other + n.

          Eg. Lucy is taller than any other student in her class.

          40. have to do sth. 不得不做某事

          Eg. I have to go home now.

          41. had better do sth. 較好做某事

          Eg. You'd better study hard at English.

          42. had better not do sth. 較好別做某事

          Eg. You'd better not stay up.

          43. help sb. to do sth. 幫助某人做某事

          Eg. Lucy often helps Lily to wash her clothes.

          44. help sb. do sth. 幫助某人做某事

          Eg. He usually helps me learn English.

          45. help sb. with sth. 幫助某人做某事

          Eg. I sometimes help my mother with dinner.

          46. make it +時間 把時間定在幾點

          Eg. Let's make it 8:30.

          47. take sb. to sp 帶某人到某地

          Eg. Mr. Wang will take us to the Summer Palace next Sunday.

          49. have nothing to do (with sb) 與某人沒有關系

          Eg. That has nothing to do with me.

          50. 主語+ don't think + 從句 認為……不……

          Eg. I don't think it will rain tomorrow.

          51. It's + adj.+ for sb. to do sth. 做某事對某人來說怎么樣

          Eg. It is lucky for you to go to London.

          52. How + adj / adv + 主+ 謂!多么……啊!

          Eg. How beautiful the flower is!

          53. what + a / an + adj + n + 主+ 謂!

          Eg. What an beautiful flower it is!

          54. What + adj+ pl. / [u] +主+ 謂!

          Eg. What bad weather it is today!

          55. find it + adj+ to do sth. 發現做某事如何

          Eg. I find it hard to speak English well!

          56. ask sb. for sth. 向某人要某物

          Eg. They often ask me for money.

          57. need to do sth. 需要做某事

          Eg. You need to study hard.

          58. need sth 需要某物

          Eg. I don't need your money.

          59. use A to do B 用A來做B

          Eg. We use pens to write.

          60. show sb. sth 給某人看某物

          Eg. Please show me the map.

          61. show sth. to sb. 把某物給某人看

          Eg. Please show the map to me.

          62. pass sb. sth. 把某物遞給某人

          Eg. Pass me the cup of tea.

          63. pass sth. to sb. 把某物遞給某人

          Eg. Pass the cup of tea to me.

          64. buy sb. sth. 為某人買某物

          Eg. Mother bought me a bike.

          65. buy sth. for sb. 為某人買某物

          Eg. Mother bought a bike for me.

          66. give sb. sth 把某物給某人

          Eg. Jim gave me an English dictionary.

          67. give sth. to sb. 把某物給某人

          Eg. Jim gave an English dictionary to me.

          68. get to sp 達到某地

          Eg. I got to Beijing on the morning of May 1st.

          69. arrive at / in sp 達到某地

          Eg. I arrived in Beijing on the morning of May 1st.

          70. reach sp 到達某地

          Eg. I reached Beijing on the morning of May 1st.

          71. hope to do sth. 希望某人做某事

          Eg. I hope to see you soon.

          72. there is sth. wrong with sth. / sb. 某物 / 某人出什么狀況了

          Eg. There is something wrong my car.

          73. sth. is wrong with … 某物出什么毛病了

          Eg. Something is wrong with my car.

          74. How do you like sth? 你認為……怎么樣?

          Eg. How do you like Beijing?

          75.What do you think of sth.? 你認為……怎么樣?

          Eg. What do you think of Beijing?

          76. start doing sth. 開始做某事

          Eg. I started learning English in 1983.

          77. start to do sth. 開始做某事

          Eg. I started to watch TV after finishing my homework.

          78.finish doing sth. 完成作某事

          Eg. I finished cleaning my car just now.

          79. enjoy doing sth. 喜歡做某事

          Eg. They all enjoy living and working in China.

          80.What / when / where / who / something / anything / nothing else …… 別的什么/何時/何地/誰……

          ① What else do you want to buy?

          ② Where else have you gone?

          ③ Who else have you played with?

          ④ I have nothing else to tell you.

          ⑤ Would you like something else?

          81. forget doing sth. 忘記做過某事了(已做)

          Eg. I forgot turning off the lights. Look, it is dark in the room.

          82. forget to do sth. 忘了做某事了(未做)

          Eg. I forgot to turn off the lights. Could you go back and shut the off?

          83. remember doing sth. 記得做過某事了(已做)

          Eg. I remembered returning your money. You are so forgetful.

          84. remember to do sth. 記住去做某事(未做)

          Eg. Remember to bring me some money. I've run out of it.

          85.stop to do sth. 停下來去做某事

          Eg. He stopped to talk with Mary when she enter the office.

          86. stop doing sth. 停止做某事

          Eg. The students stopped talking when the teachet came in.

          87. watch / see / hear sb. do sth. 觀看/看見/聽見某人做了某事(全過程)

          Eg. I saw you pick an apple just now.

          88. watch / see / hear sb. doing sth. 觀看/看見/聽見某人正在做某事(點動作)

          Eg. I saw you playing basketball with your classmates on the playground last Sunday.

          89. go on doing sth. 繼續作某事

          Eg. He went on reading after a short rest.

          90. go on to do sth. 繼續作某事

          Eg. He went on to read after finishing wash the dishes.

          91. go on with sth. 繼續某事

          Eg. He went on with his work after a short rest.

          92. say hello / goodbye to sb. 向某人告別

          Eg.I came to say good-bye to you.

          93. be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事

          Eg. They are busy planting trees on the hill.

          94. be interested in sth. 對某事感興趣

          Eg. English is very interesting. We are all interested in it.

          95. tell sb. to do sth. 告訴某人做某事

          Eg. Mother told me to go shopping with her.

          96. ask sb. to do sth. 讓某人做某事

          Eg. Jim ask me to go rowing with him.

          97. call / ring sb. up 給某人打電話

          Eg. I will call you up tommow.

          98. be ready to do sth. 準備做某事

          Eg. We are ready to have lunch.

          99. go doing sth. 去做某事

          Eg. Let's go fishing.

          100. prefer A / doing A to B / doing B 比起A / 做A,更喜歡B / 做B

          Eg. Lucy prefers English to French. I prefer staying at home to going to the cinema.

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